I begun my year with high expectations. That my life would be different going forward. That I would be more responsible for it and make decisions that are good for me. That I would take risks and try out new things because I don’t want to end up old and full of regrets. That going forward I was going to be more proactive in terms of chasing my dreams, even when I’m being called crazy or stupid. That ‘they’ were going to wish they were on my side. Many weeks down the line and I’m just exhausted! Chasing dreams is a good thing I guess but I feel so unprepared for the harsh realities of life. How unforgiving and truly hard it is. How we might start things with the best of intentions yet get utterly disappointed in the end. How even when we are sure we are winning or are going to win, the ones who told you that you were being foolish were actually right. How maybe some decisions we make come from a place of foolish pride rather than wisdom or resolve.

All I’m saying is risks are great. They make you feel and experience things you never imagined. They push you to go places you never thought you’d reach. They make you do things you never thought you could do. But sometimes playing it safe is not a bad idea. Sometimes its okay to lose, to have your tail between your legs and admit that maybe you’re not cut out for some things. It’s okay to take a step back before you leap.



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