I am good at keeping secrets. Well, most of the time. Not because I keep my word or from some sense of loyalty or goodwill, its kind of just by default. Meaning, I’m a very quiet person, something I’m constantly being reminded of lately, so if you tell me to ‘not tell anybody’ its like, who am I going to tell anyway? Nevermind that a secret shouldn’t be between two people because then its not even a secret anymore, its shared information right?

I like to think that people feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their lives with me because they trust me or something but for the most part, I know its because the ‘shared info’ will not get past the wall that is my teeth. Truestory. And also because I think gossip is the most stupid thing in this world. Its petty and never adds value, on the contrary it just fires unnecessary flames. I don’t have time for that. Well, most of the time.



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