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Small Hands by Keaton Henson

Miss you terribly already
Miss the space between your eyelids,
Where I’d stare through awkward sentences
And void through awkward silence

Miss your teeth when they chatter,
When we smoked out in my garden
When we couldn’t sleep for all the heat,
Soft talk began to harden

Miss your small hands in the palm of mine,
The fact they’re good at making
Miss you sitting up incessantly,
And the fact you’re always waking in the night
And night

And I,
I hope for your life
You forget about mine
Forget about mine

Miss your teeth dug in my shoulder,
As we rolled in early morning,
Miss your arm dying beneath me,
As I lay there, simply yawning

Please forget me, you were right dear
I am cold and self-involved
And though I’ll miss you, recent lover
I am weak and therefore fold

Get distracted by my music,
Think of nothing else but art
I’ll write my loneliness in poems,
If I can just think how to start

Dot my I’s with eyebrow pencils,
Close my eyelids, hide my eyes,
I’ll be idle in my ideals,
Think of nothing else but I
And I

And I
I hope for your life
You can forget about mine
Just forget about mine

Oh, mine



I was wearing an old faded red shirt. You were wearing a worn out white t-shirt. You had just borrowed some video tapes. Which you said was why you came. And to see my brothers but they were not in. I was behind you. Following to make sure the gate was closed after you left. Then you turned to ask me to leave a message to my brothers. Something about a movie they should absolutely watch. You stammered and fumbled with your words. For some reason my heart started to race. I was elated and embarrassed at the same time.

Elated because I never imagined someone who looked like you would ever like someone like me. Plain and maybe boring.

Embarrassed because I was wearing the worlds ugliest clothes.

After you left I went to my room and smiled for a really long time.

First Crush