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under my skin

Sometimes it is hard for her to see past the pain and anger. Yet sometimes she seems to rise above it. As if something inside of her reminds her that she is way more than that. Because even though her experiences define her, she really wants to define herself. She has come to discover that it requires a special kind of strength. A special kind of stubbornness if you will. From a lifetime of hearing what people have to say about her, through not-so-many words, it took her to long to find out that she doesn’t have to take it all in. And since then she has started to see the beauty in things she paid no attention to. She has started to see the beauty inside of her. Sometimes she smiles by herself, enjoying her own company, her own dance and her own music. She has decided to make her own rules, her own goals, her own ambitions. She is rooting for herself. And she will win.