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The Reader

As far as she could tell her life was always divided into two parts. Part A: The one where her father was in her life and Part B: The one where he was not. It had become so normal for her to view her life this way that it felt like there was an actual tangible partition in her brain that divided these two times.

She missed him desperately sometimes and sometimes it was like he never existed at all. But all times, those feelings gave her a weird mixture of pain and pleasure. Pain because, on the one hand, she missed him but she would never see him again and pleasure because, on the other, she had experienced him. He was a tangible part of her existence. He had played a part in moulding her. She is because he was.

She always fantasized about what it would be like if he was still around. Would they have been close? Would they have had a lot to talk about? Would they have shared a strange love of books? Would he be proud? Disappointed? Would their lives be radically different? She tried to convince herself that it was better this way. Wasn’t it? She always felt a bit distant from her mother. A fact she denied even with the glaring evidence of its truth. She didn’t doubt her mother’s love. They were just on different wavelengths most of the time.

She was never the type to raise her voice in dissent. Her silence was her weapon. The tool she used to send her message. She had the most unique form of rebellion.



I am good at keeping secrets. Well, most of the time. Not because I keep my word or from some sense of loyalty or goodwill, its kind of just by default. Meaning, I’m a very quiet person, something I’m constantly being reminded of lately, so if you tell me to ‘not tell anybody’ its like, who am I going to tell anyway? Nevermind that a secret shouldn’t be between two people because then its not even a secret anymore, its shared information right?

I like to think that people feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their lives with me because they trust me or something but for the most part, I know its because the ‘shared info’ will not get past the wall that is my teeth. Truestory. And also because I think gossip is the most stupid thing in this world. Its petty and never adds value, on the contrary it just fires unnecessary flames. I don’t have time for that. Well, most of the time.